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In Trend Shirt and Blouse

In Trend Shirt and Blouse 1

IN TREND Outerwear from Taiwan is a photographic concept of a series of different magazines featuring KNIT, JEANS WEAR, EMBOIRDERY, CUT&SEW+T SHIRTS and ACCESSORY starting from the shots taken at the latest fashion shows. Each volume offers detailed images of over 700 items, covering 100 luxury brands from runways in Paris, Milan, New York, London, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Barcelona, and Tokyo. Each photo is enlarged, meaning all details of the suits will be shown very clearly. IN TREND provides multiple issues per season (KNIT, JEANS WEAR, EMBROIDELY, CUT&SEW+T SHIRTS and ACCESSORY), published twice a year: F/W issues released around April and S/S issues released around October, following the runways calendar. This one is In trend Outerwear.

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