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Kemton park autojumble motorcycles and stuff celebrating 30 Years Magazine


For the last thirty years Kempton Park Auto-jumble has been home to a band of motorcycle enthusiasts who gather and exhibit, sell or browse the multitude of stalls full of vintage motorcycle bric-a-brac, rare gems or just that useful part that has long disappeared. The event acts as a social meeting point or simply the chance to catch up with old mates.

Its two special shows during the year ‘The Southern Classic Off Road and Racing Show’ and
‘The Southern Classic Show’, exhibit some truly extraordinary bikes which are put into
concurs, with the best being commended and awarded prizes. Held seven times a year, the
KPA is that special place for vintage enthusiasts to indulge their passion for these classic machines that are genuine pieces of engineering artistry.

The majority of the motorcycles are from an era of manufacturing when
these machines were at the cutting edge of their technology and design innovation. The
craftsmanship in the build quality is testament to their durability and popularity. The show has kept alive many a marque that would otherwise have long disappeared.

This book is a collection of images gathered over seven years of attendance at the event. The photographs showcase the bikes brought for sale or for potential renovation. Those to be shown and even the many fantastic examples of cherished works ridden there for the occasional outing. The bikes are in various states, some fully restored, others in need of serious care and attention and then there are the truly rare specimens. They all have
their own unique quality that sets them aside, making them classics.

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