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Shawati Magazine

Shawati Magazine Issue 37

Issues Per Year: 2

SHAWATI’ Magazine is a bi-lingual {Arabic – English} arts and culture publication based in Abu Dhabi. SHAWATI' reflects the national identity and cultural values of the country while also bringing closer other cultural shores from around the world. SHAWATI’ also moves beyond the ordinary to transpose singular experiences and exquisite finds within the country, the region and the world. The mandate for this publication was clear well before we imposed the first brush stroke. SHAWATI’s mission focuses on reflecting the Emirati nation, its capital and the world at large with distinctive coverage and a unique perspective on current events and evolving issues. We care about serving our readers with information that empowers, inspires and creates change as we promote and support the principles and practices of intellectual freedom. Shawati’ is not a podium comprised of fast-paced news blurbs written for the masses; it is an in-depth and timeless visual manuscript comprised of; new innovations and inspirations, creative explorations, insightful interviews, as well as multi-cultural dialogues provoking a global exchange of ideas, additionally we examine each aspect related to life and environment. Moreover it is our aim to offer those outside of our country insight into our culture and national pride – the threads of our identity; thus bridging the gap or ‘shores’ of diversity that unite us under one global village.

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