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Things I Thought But Was Wrong

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Things I Thought But was Wrong (Issue 00) is an art zine which uses illustration, photography and collage to depict the thoughts people have had into adulthood which they then realised were inaccurate.
The images are all created by one anonymous artist who produces work for the small press zine publisher Quarter Duck and came from her own experience of having her mind blown when she came to find that something that she had thought into adulthood had no basis in reality whatsoever. Having thought on this for some time she then asked a small focus group of people if they had anything they had thought into adulthood and which turned out to be wrong. This zine documents those thoughts by turning them into art.
The aim of this zine is for the audience consider their own thoughts and to ultimately ensure that the creativity of our thoughts is not lost once 'corrected' by accurate information.
This zine is based on crowd-sourced content in that it requires people to submit their thoughts for it to continue.
Become part of it; submit your thoughts.

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