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The inspiration for Ancestry Quarterly came about while living in New York’s Chinatown. We realized that we knew an immense amount of people who were living a sort of double life: so many holding down “day jobs” so they could pursue their own creative endeavors and dreams once the 9-to-5 ended. We sought to create a platform that would allow these artists to showcase their work and detail how creatives live today. We were not foreign to discovering that the spaces these people lived in were uniquely fascinating and it is our interest in the relationship between artist and space that launchedAncestry. It is a magazine that explores aesthetic spaces, but more importantly, it is a magazine exploring the people that inhabit these spaces.

It is our goal to inspire struggling artists, accomplished artists, and everyone striving and starving in between, by featuring those triumphs of the art world fueled by much drive and little money. By collaborating with artists and local businesses we are able to expand our communities–- and in a world growing ever-more insular through constant headphones and ever-present screens, we believe its pretty damn important. The art world is always evolving andAncestry is a window into that world.

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