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Boom Saloon

boom saloon

boom saloon is a printed magazine showcasing the importance of the arts and creative industries in a movement to utilise them for good. We explore the place such endeavours hold within our society and how they interplay with the likes of culture, psychology, economics and politics. Central to our cause is the belief that creativity is integral to society’s advancement, and we will work with an international collective of artists to champion independent thinking, pioneering creativity and defining editorial.Our end goal is to democratise creativity for good, showcasing talent from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and removing the barriers of status and experience from such disciplines. All profits from the publication and and studio work will be put towards running social projects in underprivileged areas, using creativity to empower and inspire those who may not have the support to do so themselves. We want to prove the power of the printed page, utilising it to disrupt current culture and highlight creativity’s pivotal role in the world we inhabit.

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