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Surkin announces the release of GENER8ION–ZINE–001, the first issue of a visual magazine that launches its new project GENER8ION.

This magazine is the stepping stone of a global multimedia project by Surkin that will feature many international artists and try to blur the lines of formats in the ever evolving pop music world. Music record, videos, magazines, design pieces : GENER8ION is an absurd, grandiose and impertinent answer to the chaotic world we are evolving in.
This issue features exclusive contributions by Alyx’s creative director Matthew Williams, American graphic designer Zak Kyes, Japanese photographer Keizo Kitajima, stylist Marie- Amélie Sauvé, American designer Collin Fletcher, Japanese artist Shohei Otomo and french music collective Edition Gravats.

GENER8ION–ZINE–001, written in both English and Japanese will be available online and in a selection of stores around the world.

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