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Issue 01 takes the broad theme of history, memory and the future. It is particularly focused on the role of art in the space of social change and political engagement. Rethinking the past, in the present moment, can provide a more liberated and positive future for current generations. The concept of history and legacy in the magazine is used in a fresh and exciting way – the contributions range from conversations between the feminist ‘waves’ to reactivating archives, or reconsidering ways of thinking about how the museum functions, or how marginalised history can be preserved. By disrupting history as something homogeneous and reliable, the potential to unlock regenerative new ways of thinking about the future can be sparked. Featuring contributions from Justin Bengry, Emily Carlton, Patricia Cronin, India Doyle, Philomena Epps, Georgia Horgan, Jade Jackman, Poppy Jackson, Catie Keck, Mary Kelly, Megan Pickering, Sophie Risner, and Alice Wroe.

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