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The Quarterly Magazine

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We’re a publication with a focus in the field of photography, featuring the work of a wide range of talent from around the world and a variety of different backgrounds, from fashion, to photojournalism, travel to landscape and portraiture and so on.

It’s a submission – based journal that aims to release 4 issues a year, where each issue has a theme and creatives are tasked with sharing their ideas for submission. Those who have their ideas accepted for publication are then supported to bring their concepts to life, in whatever way we can.

The Quarterly is about challenging, provoking thought, embracing the awesome, championing talent and above all bringing value back to creatives and their work, in our own bold way. It’s not a new idea but we kinda think it’s daring, will likely ruffle a few feathers, and put some noses out of joint – especially when creative talent is often exploited and their real value goes unrecognised and underappreciated. It’s time for a creative journal with guts and integrity.

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